Download it from Tehskeen’s forums, here is a complete changelog:


  • many sourcecode cleanup and optimization
  • completely rewrote EEPROM emulation: now support all known EEPROM types (24C01-24C65) and mappers (Sega, Acclaim, EA, Codemasters) used in a few games (now use internal game database) as external RAM. This should at least fix save support in the following games:
    • NBA Jam (alternate Acclaim mapper)
    • College Slam, Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball (24C65 type)
    • NHLPA Hockey 93, Rings of Power (EA mapper)
    • Micro Machines serie, Brian Lara Cricket 96/Shane Warne Cricket (Codemasters mapper)
  • external RAM is now initialized to 0xFF by default: fix Micromachines 2, Dino Dini Soccer
  • fixed SRAM 16-bits memory handlers: fix some Sega Sports and EA Sports games (NFL95, NBA Action 95, NHL97, NHL98,…)
  • modified WRITE_xxx & READ_xxx macros for better portability and faster memory access on BIG ENDIAN platform
  • completely rewrote BIG ENDIAN support in render.c and vdp.c: rendering should be a little faster
  • rewrote ROM bankswitch emulation (Super Street Fighter II): ROM access are faster, using memory pointers instead of reading ROM copy from ARAM
  • fixed leftmost Window/PlaneA column render and implemented Window bug (as described by Charles Mc Donald)
  • improved “Sprite Limit” and “Sprite Collision” detection accuracy
  • modified RGB565 Color Palette to use the full available color range (0-31;0-63)
  • implemented “cycle accurate” HV Interrupt timings: fix Sesame’s Street Counting Cafe, Legend of Galahad (intro)
  • improved VDP access timings accuracy (added FIFO emulation): fix Double Clutch
  • improved DMA timings accuracy: fix Winter Olympics (E), Arch Rivals and probably more
  • fixed HCounter again: Road Rash serie (I,II,III) don’t need timing hacks anymore
  • fixed VCounter in Interlaced 2 mode: fix Combat Cars “VS-Mode”
  • improved Interlaced 2 mode (double resolution) rendering: Sonic 2, Combat Cars (“VS-Modes”) look far better
  • added TMSS BIOS support (optional)
  • rewrote part of the YM2162 MAME’s core: fixed internal FM timers handling, removed non-YM2612 emulation code and unused multiple cpu support
  • implemented “cycle accurate” FM timers & sound samples rendering
  • improved Z80 Interrupt timing accuracy: fix Sonic 3 music slowdowns
  • updated Z80 & 68000 cores to last MAME versions
  • improved Soft Reset emulation: X-Men 2 and Eternal Champions (random character selection) now work more like on real hardware
  • added full overscan emulation (vertical & horizontal borders) for “pixel perfect” aspect ratio (tested against a real genesis)


  • fixed rom checksum calculation (only used for rom information)
  • some modifications in GX rendering code
  • added support for original Genesis/Megadrive NTSC & PAL video modes: this makes games looking exactly as on original hardware (progressive rendering with reduced resolution)
  • added “Aspect” option to switch between ORIGINAL (aspect ratio is fixed and borders are emulated) and MANUAL SET (horizontal and vertical scaling can be manually configured, borders are not emulated)
  • added “Overscan” option to disable the original borders color and always use black borders (only used when ORIGINAL Aspect mode is enabled)
  • added support for up to 720 pixels horizontal resolution (needed for proper aspect ratio emulation)
  • added “TV Mode” option to enable automatic switching to PAL(50Hz) TV mode when the Genesis runs in PAL mode
  • added “Xshift” & “Yshift” settings to let you adjust display area position while keeping the original aspect ratio
  • added option to disable/enable SSG-EG support in FM cores: this special mode is indeed not properly emulated and some games might sound wrong when enabled
  • removed “CPU Type” option, you can also now force Region (JAP/EUR/USA) without reseting the game, choose USA or JAP for 60hz, EUR for 50hz, this can be useful to bypass game region protection at startup.

I also updated the EEPROM guide and the User Manual to fully describe the new available options.