Genesis Plus emulates a Sega Genesis or Megadrive console. It has been originally written by Charles MacDonald and ported to the Nintendo Gamecube and now the Wii by the “Genesis Plus” Team. It is an open source emulator and a community project which aims to bring you blast processing into the past. Using this “emulator” you will be able to enjoy all of your classic 16bit games in all of their glory. Genesis Plus has been converted from a PC based platform to run on the proprietary PPC Gekko processor and features customized code to give you the best gaming experience possible.

This port is based on Genesis Plus 1.2 source code but has been largely modified to improve overall compatibility, emulation accuracy as well as adding various peripheral supports and interface extra features. Please have a look at history.txt for a complete change log.

A complete User Manual is available here.


Accurate & full speed Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulation

  • NTSC (60Hz) & PAL (50Hz) timings support
  • cycle-accurate CPUs synchronization (68000, Z80, YM2612, SN76489)
  • cycle-accurate VDP emulation (DMA, FIFO, HV interrupts, HBLANK,…)
  • original frequency YM2612 emulation (High Quality FM)
  • hardware latency emulation
  • full overscan area (horizontal & vertical colored borders) emulation
  • TMSS BIOS support
  • PICO hardware support (experimental)

Support for various input peripherals

  • 3-buttons & 6-buttons controllers
  • Sega TeamPlayer & EA 4-Way Play multitap adapters
  • Sega Menacer & Konami Justifier lightguns
  • Sega Mouse & Sega Mega Mouse

Support for various cartridge internal hardware

  • SVP DSP (Virtua Racing)
  • J-Cart
  • backup RAM (parallel SRAM/FRAM and serial EEPROM)
  • ROM bankswitch (Super Street Fighter 2)
  • SRAM switch (Phantasy Star 4, Legend of Thor, Sonic the Hedgehog 3)
  • ROM mappers & copy protection devices used in many unlicensed/pirate cartridges
  • Game Genie codes

Gamecube/Wii extra features

  • Stereo Sound (@48 kHz)
  • 1~4 Players support
  • SRAM and SaveState files (on MemoryCard & SDCard)
  • automatic SRAM/Savestate loading & saving
  • ROM internal information screen
  • support for zipped (.zip) and interleaved (.smd) roms
  • load roms from SDCard or DVD
  • original video modes (240p/240i/288p/288i) support
  • interlaced (576i/480i) & progressive (480p) video modes support

Wii-only features

  • up to 8 Players support
  • Wiimote, Nunchuk & Classic Controller support


Genesis Plus core

additional thanks to

  • Nemesis, for having tested and documented many unknown YM2612 features
  • Tasco Deluxe for his work around the SVP chip and for his documentation of Realtec mapper
  • Bart Trzynadlowski for his documentation about SSFII mapper and 68000 undocumented behaviour
  • Haze for having found and documented many unlicensed cartridges protections
  • Notaz & Stef for their help, the source code of their respective emulator, Picodrive and Gens, was also a great source of inspiration
  • AamirM, author of Regen, for some good advices
  • Charles Mc Donald for his excellent documentation about the Sega Genesis hardware and for having designed such a great emulator
  • Spritesmind & SMS Power forums members for their technical help

Gamecube/Wii port

  • original Gamecube’s port by softdev, honkeykong & markcube
  • additional features and Wii port by Eke-Eke
  • graphical interface and icon design by brakken
  • libFAT by Chism , ported to libogc by Sven Peter (svpe) & wintermute
  • wiiuse library by Michael Laforest (para), ported to libogc by shagkur
  • libDI by Erant
  • libOGC by winterMute, shagkur and all contributors
  • devkitpro & devkitPPC by winterMute

additional thanks to

  • softdev for all his great work and inspiration
  • tmbinc for having made Gamecube homebrew a reality
  • Twiizer team for all the work they are doing for Wii homebrew
  • brakken & Tehskeen’s forum members for their feedback and support