2 Responses to “All-in-1 Emuloader”

  1. Markus Says:

    I tried to use the all in 1 emuloader . My cd launches , but the screen stays blank. I have a wii with wiikey 1.9b Wiikey update on a pal console running FW 3.0E . I compiled the dol as i read on the readme. I also tried to load the compiled and the uncompiled dol via sd load , but the screen stays also blank . Can you tell me what i am doing wrong ?

    Regards Markus

  2. ekeeke Says:

    I don’t understand what you want to say about “compiled” or “uncompiled” dols. There is only one dol provided in the archive, this is emuloader.dol, it is a precompiled dol.

    This dol is useless alone and you should not load this one or put it on a DVD, it won’t work.

    The only thing you need to do is to create a 7zip archive containing all emulators dols named correctly (to be downloaded separately) and to click on emupack.bat.

    This will create a NEW dol, emupack.dol: this IS the dol that you can load via SDLOAD or put on a bootable DVD (the method to create a bootable dvd is also explained in the readme)

    Some things to check:

    1/ size of emupack.dol (should be bigger than emuloader.dol, as it includes also the emulators)
    2/ size of the ISO file that is created after clicking on MAkeISO.bat (should be bigger than 500MB, if not, add some more roms or padding files)
    3/ use the correct MakeISO.bat file according to your Wii region (PAL or USA) or the DVD won’t boot
    4/ to create the emupack.7z archive, use the best compression and LZMA method when 7zip ask you

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