4 Responses to “Hugo! GX”

  1. Eric Says:

    hi. i just wanted to comment on on how HugoGC works. first off it is an awesome emulator. the only thing i dont quite understand is how save states work as it isnt specified in the notepad file or on any other website that hosts download of this emulators .dol.

    also i was wondering if you plan to update it soon? reason i ask is cause in some games there are some strange glitch effects. i’m not sure if this has to do with the game i’m loading or my systems hardware performance. anyways for example on the glitches. games like Aldynes and Atomic Robokid Special are missing half of the background….like the sky that would normally be there. Aldynes also seems to suffer a problem where i cannot see my character or enemies on screen. i’m not sure why, but for now this game is unplayable to me.

    i’m not sure how many other games this happens on as i dont have the entire PC-Engine game library to try and i instead chose games i figured i would like more than others.

    anyways this all i wanted to comment about this particular emulator. hope there is a solution to the emulation problems, or maybe a update to this emulator that will hopefully fix them. thanks

  2. ekeeke Says:

    I still need to update this page also.
    Anyway, a “correct” readme can be found here, on the SVN repository:

    There is actually no real freezestate support, only SRAM save/load when games are supporting it (mostly rpg games)

    About glitches, there are probably issues from the original Hugo emulation code but I’m afraid I don’t have much time to investigate: I am mostly focusing myself on Genesis and Master System emulation and really don’t have looked into PC-Engine emulation, the updates I made being exclusively GC interfacing updates (same thing applies to Neopop)

    Maybe I will someday look into these bugs (there are also some games not booting) and do like I did with Genesis plus and compatibilty fixes but the best solution would be someone taking this project on his own, as I really don’t have time to handle several projects at once, except from little common updates 😉

  3. John Says:

    Any chance for a wiimote support update. I would love to help and do it myself but I wouldn’t know where to start in coding something like this.

  4. ekeeke Says:

    wiimote support is now complete:

    this blog is completely outdated, I need to update but have no time

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